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  • Choose to visit Arugam Bay, a surfer’s paradise in Sri Lanka. Found almost at the very end of the East Coast, Arugam Bay is a lively tourism resort with streets lined with cafes and activity. The southern tip of the bay is ideal for snorkelling and houses some stunning coral reefs. A few shipwreck spots make it also an interesting destination for Scuba divers. However it is best to make arrangements for equipment in advance. Surfing, however is Arugam Bay’s hallmark offering (April – October) with right-hand point breaks that could delight many a surfer. There are also a number of other attractions including wildlife parks and historical sites in the vicinity for the experiential traveller to explore in Sri Lanka.

    Arugam Bay is a surfer’s paradise. Known as one of the top ten surfing spots in the world, the Bay area offers three main point breaks: "The Point", "Pottuvil Point" and "Crocodile Rock". The Point is the main break right in Arugam Bay and gives a 400-meter ride with up to a 6 foot swell. An hour’s ride to the North will take you to Pottuvil Point which gives an 800 meter ride with a 4-5 feet swell. Crocodile Rock which is an hour’s ride to the south and a twenty minute walk along the beach is the perfect spot for the beginner/intermediate surfer or long board enthusiast.

    Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply sun bathing, whichever is your tonic

    Surfing is not everyone’s cup of tea! Away from the “points” are the calming waters of the Indian Ocean for the regular beach goer. A stroll on the beach at sun rise, a nice afternoon tan on the beach or a relaxing swim in the evening – are all possible at Arugam Bay. What more; the hotel or the guest house can also make arrangements for snorkeling or scuba diving in near by areas.

    A tour in to the Pottuvil mangroves to enjoy a local fishing experience

    Pottuvil lagoon offers visitors the unique experience of embarking on a fishing trip early in the morning. The trip down the lagoon through the mangroves is a beautiful sight to capture bird life, crocodiles and Elephants.

    Dolphin watching a short trip in to the sea during May - September

    Offshore Dolphin watching is becoming a popular recreational activity for visitors to Arugam Bay. The hotel or the guest house can make arrangements for the 2 hour ride in to the ocean to experience hundreds of mammals show off their “dancing” skills.

    A visit to the Kumana Bird Sanctuary and Kudimbigala

    The Kumana Bird Sanctuary covering over 18,000 hectares of land is an extension of the Yala National Park. The swamp lakes of Kumana attract a variety of water birds and other resident and migratory birds as well as Deer, Elephants and other wild life. The best times to get a glimpse of these rare birds and wild life are early in the mornings or late afternoons.

    On the way to Kumana, one could stop by Kudimbigala – an ancient hermitage. The climb up the rock could be an “uphill” task which is worth the view once you reach to the top. The scenery and the flora and fauna of the jungle as well as the meditation caves that surround the Stupa are well worth a visit.

    A trip to the Lahugala national park for an encounter with Wild Elephants

    Herds of Wild Elephants can be seen flocking to the Lahugala Tank and two other tanks near by that becomes the only source of water during the dry season. The Park covering over 1500 hectares of wilderness is home to Elephants, Deer, Jackal, Wild Boar and birds.