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  • Choose to visit, the sacred city of Anuradhapura The UNESCO heritage site was founded in the 3rd century BC with the arrival of Buddhist nun Sangamitta with a sapling of the Bo (fig) tree (tree of enlightenment) from India. The city that flourished as a political and religious capital for over 1300 years and abandoned in the late 900s to early 1000s has markings of a well planned out city. What remains of the City now are the ruins of Dagabos (Dome shaped religious buildings), monastic buildings and Pokunas (bathing ponds) that are of significant historical and architectural value.

    Predominantly an agricultural city in the dry zone, it is evident that the city was provided with water through complex irrigations systems in the ancient times. The lakes, canals and reservoirs built with advanced technical and engineering skills available at the time have lasted 1000s of years and most are still standing strong today.

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  • Make a trip to Ravana Falls

    • Ravana falls known as Ravana Ella in Sinhalese is known to have been named after the legendary Sri Lankan deamon king Ravana who had infamously kidnapped Sita according to the famous Indian epic "the Ramayana" and hidden her in the caves behind these falls. The 25 meter high falls, known as one of the widest falls in the country is a population tourist destination which is only 5km away from the Ella town. The cascading water, falls through the forest down to Kirindi oya (river) and is a magnificent view during the rainy season.
  • Walk through to Little Adam's Peak

    • An hour's climb to the top of this mountain that is 1,100 meters high will give you a 360 o view of lush green tea plantations, paddy fields and waterfalls. Considered the shorter version of the taller giant peak due to the shape of the mountain, an early morning climb will not only keep you from getting overly tired but also give you a chance to experience a magical view of the sunrise through the peaks of the mountain range. You will be in close contact with nature as you make your trek and may even come across a few birds and monkeys that are harmless.
  • Explore the Ella Gap and Ella Adventure Park

    • Ella Gap is where one could see the land drop 3000 ft to the valleys of the southern mountain range. A drive on the Ella-Wellawaya main road will give you breathtaking views of this gap with Ella mountain on one side and the wooded ridge on the other.

      Eco-friendly Ella Adventure Park just 6km away from the town and bordering the Kirindi River is set amongst the breathtaking tropical rain forests, majestic peaks and rushing waterfalls. The park offer many activities ranging from bird watching, caving, mountain biking, lake fishing, kayaking and canoeing, hiking and trekking, rock climbing, nature trail expeditions etc for a nominal fee. For the adventurous, this is a must visit perhaps with an overnight stay.
    • Description: Small Sleepy Town in Uva Province
    • Area: 6 sq km
    • Population:
    • Time zone: GMT + 5.30
    • Currency: Rupees (LKR)
    • Demography: Multi ethnic - Multi-cultural
    • Geography:
    • Climate:
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  • Standard Recommended Hotels

    • 98 Acres Resort
    • Grand Ella Motel
    • Ella Jungle Inn
    • Tea Garden Holiday Inn