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  • Choose to visit, Hikkaduwa. Situated 98 km south of Colombo, this fun coastal town is known for the beautiful coral reefs.

    A tourist hot spot, first discovered in the 1960's, offers many beautiful sandy beaches, water sports and night life.

Choose to experience Hikkaduwa

  • Snorkel and dive around the coral reef and experience other water sports

    • Hikkaduwa is a unique destination for those who want to experience marine life. Hikkaduwa has a large shallow body of water enclosed by the reef with multi coloured layers of coral found in the middle of it. While snorkelers and divers can get up close and personal with the corals and the many species of colourful fish, others can view them by just walking up a few feet in knee deep water.

      November to March offers the best diving season and with many PADI certified diving institution established in the area, there's plenty to explore off the Hikkaduwa beach! With four shipwrecks and an abundance of coral reef, there's something to please the eye of every diver!

      Hikkaduwa also attracts many windsurfers and body boarders. Known as second only to Arugam Bay on the east coast, the west coast surfers flock to Hikkaduwa for its waves.
  • Explore the vicinity of Hikkaduwa - a Moonstone quarry and Seenigama Vihara island

    • Visit the moonstone quarry in Meetiyagoda and explore how this semi precious stone is mined, polished and transformed in to jewelry. The adjacent gift shop offers a selection of stone encrusted jewelries or the precious stones in its original but polished form for purchase. A short distance north on the main highway is an Island with a temple. Accessible by Boat and somedays on foot, the Seenigama Vihara – the temple – is believed to bring relief to victims of theft. Local legend says that a victim of theft can pray by lighting a lamp with a special oil made of chili and pepper to bring misfortune to the thief.
    • Description: small south coastal town of Sri Lanka
    • Area:
    • Population:
    • Time zone: GMT + 5.30
    • Currency: Rupees (LKR)
    • Demography: Multi ethnic - Multi-cultural
    • Geography:
    • Climate:
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  • 4 - 5 Star

    • Coral Rock by Amaya
    • Lavanga Resort & Spa
    • Chaya Tranz Hikkaduwa
    • Villa Tara
  • 3 star / Economy

    • White Pearl Beach
    • Ocean View Cottage