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  • Choose to visit, Kalpitiya in the western peninsular North of Negombo. Kalpitiya, located in Sri Lanka's North Western Province on the peninsula that separates the Puttalam lagoon from the Indian Ocean is a heaven for Dolphin and Whale watching.

    Kalpitiya is one of the most picturesque, virgin coastal areas of Sri Lanka with a wide variety of diverse habitats, including bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangrove swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches.

    With its sandy beaches and many water sports on offer, the area is fast becoming a tourist hot spot!

Choose to experience Kalpitiya

  • Whale and Dolphin watching during the season

    • The Dolphin watching season in Kalpitiya is from November to March as this is when the seas around the North west coast are at its calmest. A Boat ride at sunrise during this peak time will ensure that you will "swim" with thousands of Dolphins in mid seas watching the acrobatic moves of the spinner Dol-phins. The region is also home to many other varieties of Dolphins.

      The deeper waters off the coastline is home to the biggest of Sri Lanka's five types of whales. The Months of November - December and March - April are when there is movement of whales with some varieties coming close to the shore and making it a true sight from the beach itself.
  • Kite Surfing during the season

    • With perfect spots for Down riders in the areas between the reefs and the sandbanks on the North of the peninsula; for the free-riding and wave riding enthusiast in the peninsula; and for beginners and freestylers in the Kalpitiya lagoon; the Kalpitiya peninsula is gaining popularity as a paradise for kite surfing, for beginners as well as advanced riders. With a number of kite surfing schools with certified instructors available in the area, Kite surfing excursions can be customized to meet your preference and skill level. Though kite surfing is available throughout the year, the best time to engage in this activity is between May and December.
  • Diving and Snorkeling

    • The largest coral reef in Sri Lanka (Bar reef) is an hour's boat ride from Kalpitiya and is a favourite amongst scuba divers and snorkellers, The reef attracts an incredible variety of tropical fish as well as the occasional manta rays, reef sharks and the turtle. Within an half hour's ride from the Beach is a smaller reef that is recommended for the amateurs and for families.

      The southwest monsoon period between May and November should be avoided for diving and snorkel-ing as it is considered dangerous during this time.
  • Island-hopping off the coast of Kalpitiya

    • Kayaking along the coast on single and double man kayaks will also get you to visit some of the Islands that are closer to the Kalpitiya Beach. A combination of Kayaking and/or Kite surfing is the best means of "transportation" for your Island hopping journey!
  • Greet the night fisherman returning with the day's catch!

    • Kalpitiya is predominantly a fishing "village" much like in many other coastal towns in Sri Lanka. The fisher folk go out to sea or the lagoon at night and arrive early morning at dawn with their catch. This is an interesting sight and an experience one must not miss.
  • The Dutch Fort and St Peter's Kerk church in the town and other places of religious significance

    • Kalpitiya Dutch Fort is located at the Northern tip of the peninsular on the narrow land parallel to the mainland. Built in 1667 by the Portuguese and fortified later by the Dutch, the Fort has walls that are 4 meters high and inside are the remnants of the chapel, a commander's house, barrack rooms, a prison etc. The Fort and St Peter's Kerk church in the town of Kalpitiya have preserved its colonial architec-ture to this date.

      A short distance away is the 17th century St. Anne's church in Talawila, Sri Lanka's most renowned Catholic Church. During the months of March and August, some of the main catholic festivities in the country take place in this church.

      Munnesweram Kovil, a Hindu temple that is highlighted in the ancient Indian Epic, Ramayana is a temple dedicated to Shiva and associated with Kali. The temple is one of five ancient temples (Ishwarams) dedicated to Shiva in the region. Munnesweram Kovil can be visited on the way to Kalpitiya off of the main town of Chilaw.
  • A half a Day Excursion to Wilpattu National Park

    • The largest national park in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu can be accessed from Kalpitiya within an hour and a half's drive. The Park, which is home to leopard, elephant, Bear and many other wild life including birds and flora is a true safari in the wilderness.
    • Description: Beach district north of Negombo
    • Area:
    • Population: 0.1 million
    • Time zone: GMT + 5.30
    • Currency: Rupees (LKR)
    • Demography: Predominantly Sri Lankan Moor
    • Geography: Peninsula land between ocean and lagoon
    • Climate: Dry Monsoonal. 25 - 80°C / 39 - 103°F
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