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  • Choose to visit, Puttalam the town up north with a beautiful lagoon, saltans, coconut plantations and abundance of seafood.

    Puttalam is the main access point to the largest National Park in Sri Lanka - Wilpattu. Puttalam is also a short distance away from the Cultural triangle and many other cities of interest.

Choose to experience Puttalam, Wilpattu

  • Spend all day at the Wilpattu National Park

    • Wilpattu national park, so named for its abundance of lakes ("Villu"s) is located off the main town of Puttalam. The largest National park in Sri Lanka covers 131,693 hectares of land, and contains over 60 lakes and tanks. "Residents" of the national park include the popular Mammals: Sri Lankan elephant, sloth bear; leopard; spotted dear and water buffalo. The lakes attract a range of water-birds and wildlife that makes it easier to spot them than in any other national park in the country.

      The residents of the park also include some of the magnificent birds; the painted stork, the Sri Lankan jungle fowl, owls, eagles etc. The park is also known for its share of reptiles with the most common being the monitor lizard; mugger crocodile; common cobra and the soft shelled turtle amongst a host of others.

      A visit to the park twice a day – at dawn when the wild life comes out to get their food and at dusk when they are retreating to the wild will ensure that you get your dose of "wilderness".
  • Catamaran ride on the lagoon

    • The Puttalam lagoon is fed by Kala Oya (River) and Mi Oya (River) and is linked to Mundal Lagoon by a channel. The lagoon's brackish (Saline) water is home to many marine life including lagoon crabs, prawns and other fish. The lagoon is surrounded by coconut estates, open forests, grasslands and shrub lands and consists of extensive mangroves that attract many birds including a wide variety of ducks, geese and swans. A catamaran ride in the Puttalam lagoon amongst the breathtaking scenery is an expe-rience for any traveller looking for a unique adventure.
  • Take a dip in the river

    • The surroundings of the Puttalam area has many off shoots of the Kala Oya and Mi Oya that is suitable for taking a dip on a hot sunny day. Very common amongst the village folks, a dip in the river is a refreshing feeling of being amongst nature and experiencing it first-hand. This is a must try for the experiential traveller!
    • Description: Coastal town and wilderness beyond in the North Western province
    • Area:
    • Population:<0.1 million
    • Time zone: GMT + 5.30
    • Currency: Rupees (LKR)
    • Demography: Predominantly Sri Lankan Moor with Sinhalese and Tamil villages intermittently
    • Geography: Lagoon and coastal areas with inland wilderness
    • Climate: Tropical. 25 - 80°C / 39 - 103°F
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