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Wadduwa,  Kalutara

Choose to visit, Wadduwa and Kalutara. South of the capital Colombo, Wadduwa's strip of golden sands is said to be one of the most beautiful in the region and is known as a perfect spot for windsurfing.

A holiday in Kalutara offer laid back beach time under the palm trees. With beautiful, tropical scenery, local handicrafts, and several interesting sights, Wadduwa and Kalutara offer the visitors plenty to do.

Choose to experience Wadduwa, Kalutara

  • Mingle with the locals in the fishing village

    Wadduwa is very much an active fishing village. Whilst soaking up some sun at the Beach, visitors are welcome at the sea side fishing village to get to know the "day in the life of a fisherman". Better yet, if you are able to make it down at dawn when the boats are pulled ashore with the day's catch you can experience how the beach turns in to a mini auction of sorts.

  • Water sports in Wadduwa/ Kalutara

    The waves in Wadduwa and Kalutara are perfect for the windsurfing enthusiasts to get some activity in. When done with surfing, if you need a different type of activity, then try some beach volleyball or spend a relaxing evening watching the beautiful sunset over the western horizon.

  • Enjoy a soothing relaxing SPA treatment in Wadduwa

    The three stories-high Kalutara Buddhist Temple built in the 1960s stands at the entrance to the city limits of Kalutara. Known to be the only hollow dagoba in the world, it is situated at the southern end of the 38-meter long Kalutara Bridge which serves as the major link between the country's western and southern border. Given this significance, it is customary for most locals to stop and seek the blessings of the Kalutara Bodhiya (Bo Tree) for their on-ward journey in either direction of the highway.

  • Explore the surroundings, buy some local handicrafts and taste local fruits

    Originally a spice port governed by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, the surrounding of the Kalutara Temple offers many visitors with a taste of local fruits including cutup Mangoes and pineapple dipped in a mix of salt and pepper. The area is also known for an abundance of tropical fruit Mangoosteen during the season. The stretch of road up north from Kalutara to Wadduwa also have many street side vendors selling basket ware, bags, mats and artifacts woven from stiff palm leaves. You will also have a choice of shops to buy Sri Lankan handicrafts such as masks and wood carvings.

  • Excursion to Ratnapura Gem Shops

    Ratnapura is the land of gems. Known all around the world for its supply of gem stones that adorned the finger of Lady Diana with her engagement ring and gems on display at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC, Ratnapura is a day's excursion from Wadduwa. With many gem shops lining up the streets of Ratnapura, the colour, clarity, cut and carat (weight) of the gem you would want is sure to be available.

    • Description: Wadduwa - Kalutara
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    • Time zone: GMT + 5.30
    • Currency: Rupees (LKR)
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    • Geography: Lagoon and coastal areas with inland wilderness
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