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  • Ayurveda And Spa Expeditions In Sri Lanka

    Ayurveda or science of of Life (Ayur: life; veda: science) has been practiced in Sri Lanka for over 3000 years and passed down from generation to generation. Sri Lanka claims to have had the first hospital in the world thousands of years ago located at the bottom of the Mihintale hills where the ruins are preserved to this date. The existence of the traditional ayurvedic practices that were influenced by Ayurveda and Siddha systems in India, Unani medicine of Greece (brought down by the Arabs who visited Sri Lanka for trade) and desheeya chikitsa – the indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka is evident on the ancient inscriptions on rock surfaces. The first documented evidence is available in the 'Sarartha Sangrahaya' authored by King Buddhadasa (398 AD) who himself was a prominent physician and the manuscript is still used by physicians in the country today.

    Ayurvedic philosophy is that the universe is made up of five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth and that in the human body these five elements are represented as three doshas - Kapha dosha (Mucus), Pitta dosha (Bile) and Vata dosha (Air) - which if not in balance, cause diseases.

    In order for you to have a balance in the doshas and thus be healthy, treatment is aimed at bringing the balance of physical-mental and spiritual aspects of an individual through a balanced diet and a good life style. Therefore, many of the ayurveda SPAs in Sri Lanka will have a physician on hand to examine you and advice you on dietary requirements and treatment options. Treatment could range from massages and baths using a combination of herbs and oils that are known to prevent or cure certain ailments. Many of the SPAs also offer meditation and Yoga to bring about mental and spiritual balance in one's life.

    Ayurveda SPAs also offer full body massages, neck, shoulder and head massages, facial treatment, foot massages, herbal baths, spa treatment for de-stressing, rejuvenating and detoxifying as well as pedicure and manicure treatments.

    If you are interested in receiving treatment for a specific illness, the ayurveda physicians in Sri Lanka will explain conditions, signs and symptoms, the stage of the disease, relieving and aggravating factors etc and also help you understand the best course of treatment as well as the best line of management of the condition.