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  • Off - Roading Adventures in Sri Lanka

    An off roading adventure in Sri Lanka will take you through some daring and thrilling drives in various locations around the country.

    The National parks in Sri Lanka is one obvious choice of many of the adventurous to "push the limits" of their 4WDs. These parks offer the off roaders the options of engaging in muddy bogs, rock crawlings or green laning of milder versions found elsewhere in the world. Whether it is on the dry lakes of the park, the muddy overflows of the tanks (reservoirs) or on the banks of the rivers, the off roaders must keep the environment and its protection in mind when testing the limits of these paths that are less travelled. You must ensure that you capture the breathtaking views on your cameras as there are no other souvernirs available and that you leave behind only the tracks of the 4WDs.

    Whether it is the natural scenery that gets you excited or the technical challenge of driving on off the beaten paths, Sri Lanka offers many choices for the experiential traveller to explore the wild beauty of the country. Besides the national parks, the hill country of the Island is another well 4WD travelled path. The 32 hair-pin bends off of Belihul oya or the Devil's staircase on the way to Horton Planes amidst many other elbow bends with sharp cliffs and edges, the hill country offers many off roaders a scenic thrilling experience.

    Cross country trips that you take from one corner of the country to another or from one of your favourite destinations to another on less travelled and unpaved paths over paddy fields, through thick forests, slipping and skidding through muddy bogs in the thick jungles, along bunds of lakes and rivers to high boulders or through the sand dunes in Kalpitiya are all to be experienced during your off-road adventure to Sri Lanka.