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  • White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka

    The almost extinct sea turtles that live off the coast of Sri Lanka come to shore at night to lay their eggs. The southern coast in Sri lanka is known to be home to at least five varieties of sea turtles that nest their eggs on the beaches that is believed to be their own birth place. While it is possible to take a stroll on the beach at night to get a glimpse of these turtles, there are many hatcheries and some sanctuaries that provide visitors with up close interactions with the turtles.

    Hatcheries in the southern coast are providing a service by protecting the eggs between the time they are laid, to when they are hatched which is 60 days. As the mother turtle leaves the eggs after laying them, often times these eggs get stolen for human consumption, or for the making of ornaments. Therefore, individuals, organizations, and seaside communities have been making efforts in their own way to contribute towards the preservation of sea turtles by bringing the eggs to the hatcheries to protect them until hatched. The hatcheries also provide a home for the disabled turtles.

    Some non-governmental organizations too have been running sanctuaries to protect the eggs in its natural habitat. A late night tour to one of these sanctuaries might give you a glimpse of the sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. Late at night, you can also watch the hatcheries release the new borns back to the ocean