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  • White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka

    White Water Rafting
    White water rafting is available for the experiential traveller above the age of 10 years. The Kitulgala area of Sri Lanka offers 3-5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids of Grades 2-3 for those looking for the "thrill" of paddling through rocks, waves and minor drops in water while breathing in the fresh air of the greenery surrounding you.

    The picturesque Kelani River in Kitulgala is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals. With approximately 5 KM of adventure available, the rides can be as short or as long as your heart desires. All white water rafting expeditions will start with a briefing by an instructor on safety, ground conditions, and on handling emergency situations.

    Flat Water Rafting
    You prefer something more relaxing and calming? Look no further as Kitulgala is attractive to those who want just a flat water rafting experience on the Kelani river. You can paddle at your own pace down 1-4km taking in the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Flat water rafting is ideal for those visiting with small children and are unable to experience a white water rafting adventure.

    Waterfall Abseiling
    Kitulgala is for those who love water sports and adventures. Roping down a Waterfall with water gushing down intensely on you as it powers down to a "pool" 100ft under you, is a once in a life time thrilling experience for many.

    Water sliding
    Kitulgala also offers shorter falls – up to 5M for thrilling water sliding and canyoning on to a natural pool at the bottom of the fall.